Posted on Apr 29, 2019

An Oasis of Healing

Eating the right food is important but it is not enough to maintain health.

Let’s say you are a completely raw vegan eating really healthy foods daily. However, if you are stressed out all day long, you have to go the bathroom, but you don’t and hold it in and you’re angry and upset, this doesn’t bode well for long-term health.

You’re still going to have those bad relationships and the emotional baggage that goes with it and at the end of the day, you are so strung out, you get home and kick the dog. The point is, it is a must to eat a clean, healthy diet.

That’s why eating the right food is important because it does help to minimize some of these negative things happening in your daily life. Without the healthy food, healing is not possible, so it is a must.

You do need more than the healthy food. You need proper sleep, regular exercise where you are moving your body and a positive mindset. You need to remove yourself from negative, toxic relationships and learn to meditate.

This will build a solid foundation for health! If you are dealing with cancer, An Oasis of Healing can help, call us directly at 480-834-5414.

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